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NBCU Exclusive Photographs:

NBCU Photo Bank presents an extraordinary collection of current and archival photos not available from any other source in the world.

High quality, exclusive entertainment photos of major celebrities, news personalities and events, past and present, are waiting for you at Visit our website to obtain decades worth of compelling images. Everything from real-time nightly coverage of "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno", photos of recent "Today Show" and "Inside The Actor's Studio" interviews, hit series like "Heroes," the "Law & Order" franchise, "BattleStar Gallactica", "Will & Grace," "Friends," and "Seinfeld" to historical images of the star studded productions staged by Bob Hope, Jack Benny or Jack Paar are yours to license for your needs.

Also available is a unique selection of behind-the-scenes coverage from television shows including a rare collection of images depicting television production sets, locations and various details (i.e.-props, wardrobe, set dressing, etc.)

The recently launched NBC NewsWire is a unique offering of news photos created by NBC News staff from around the world. Whether drawn from the U.S. political stage or the war-torn and strife ravaged regions of the globe, revealing and relevant photos of people, places and events will be available to you through the NBC Newswire.

Search on our website to access our best images quickly and easily. Our search function is simple to use and comprehensive in nature. Lightbox technology enables you to save and share image selections for multi-user review. Image download is quick and enabled from any stage of the search process.

Also available is a unique selection of behind-the-scenes coverage from decades of television show productions and a rare collection of images depicting television sets, locations and production details (i.e.-props, wardrobe, set dressing, etc.)

NBCU Photo Bank Licensing Sales team

Whatever the scope of your NBCU photo needs, our Licensing Sales team is ready to accommodate you with simplified access, delivery and licensing terms. Customized licensing offerings such as subscription-based relationships, master publishing agreements or bulk offerings are available. Also, to acquire the perfect photo for your commercial product or campaign, contact a Sales Representative who will deliver the image to you and provide assistance in obtaining necessary usage rights and clearances.

Photo Requests and Research

Our Sales Representatives will be happy to aid you in finding the photo you need on our site. When the NBC Universal photograph you need cannot be found on the site, our skilled licensing sales staff will respond to your request quickly and search either our offline analog or digital collections. Take advantage of the automated online Photo Request function to find the specific image you want.